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Short-Feature Video Production

Fine art, hot rods, the natural world,
and mini-documentaries


Randy Johnson Florida Photography
Randy Johnson Florida Photography: January–April 2017

The Falconer: Part 2

Episode 10 of Randy Grubb's Garage: The Falconer Dodici Part 2

Falconer Part 1

Episode 9 of Randy Grubb's Garage: The Falconer Dodici Part 1

City of Rogue River Water Cycle

The City of Rogue River, Oregon: The Water Cycle

Rong! — The '55 Chevy Gets It
May 2015

Randy Grubb's Garage 8
Randy Grubb's Garage 8: Frogman's Rocket 3 from Start to Finish
February 2014

Ratrod-O-Rama 2014
Dog's Eye View of Ratrod-O-Rama 2014
At historic Pottsville, Oregon • August 23, 2014

Shooting Krysten
With the Bob Maddox Pulse Jet Lakester • August 5, 2014

The Paintings of Randy Johnson
The Paintings of Randy Johnson
A tour through four art exhibitions • July 1, 2014

Randy Grubb's Garage 7
Randy Grubb's Garage 7: Pulse Jet Lakester
The Maddox-Grubb Rocket Car • June 3, 2014

The Watercolors of Susan Montague
Featuring the exhibit at the Grants Pass Museum of Art • June 3–July25, 2014

Dog's Eye View
Dog's Eye View
Boatnik Carnival in Grants Pass, Oregon • Memorial Day 2014

The Art of Tattoo
The Art of Tattoo
Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, Oregon • April-May 2014

Randy Grubb's Garage 6
Randy Grubb's Garage 6: Decopods Edition
Episode 6 • April 10, 2014

2014 A Metal Odyssey
2014: A Metal Odyssey
A 2-Minute film about a man transformed by a monolith into Metal Man
starring Randy Grubb — March 23, 2014

Divakar Yoga
Divakar Yoga with Yonatan Shemesh
Divakar Yoga Academy, Central Israel
March 10, 2014

Real Hot Rod Girl has over 39,000 views on YouTube:

Hot Rod Girl
Real Hot Rod Girl
Featuring Bonnie Honea and her '37 Plymouth rat truck
September 19, 2013
Read the Story in Ol' Skool Rodz #64 • July 2014 • On newstands now!

Scrap Rod
Scrap Rod 1934 Ford Pickup by Rodger Hoyt
Grants Pass, Oregon, October 10, 2012


Randy Grubb 5
Randy Grubb's Garage 5: Building the Frogman's Rocket 3
Episode 5 • January 8, 2014

Randy Grubb's Deco Helmet
Randy Grubb's Garage: The Deco Helmet
Episode 4 • October 14, 2013

Randy Grubb's Decoliner
Randy Grubb's Garage 3: The Decoliner
Episode 3 • September 9, 2013

Randy Grubb's Garage: Episode 2
Episode 2: May 24, 2013

Randy Grubb
Randy Grubb's Garage: Episode 1
Episode 1: April 12, 2013

Randy Grubb's Decopod

Randy Grubb's Decopod
Grants Pass, Oregon, December 8, 2012

Perfect Day
Perfect Day: Harris Beach State Park
Brookings, Oregon • Filmed November 28, 2013

Caladesi Island
The Natural Beauty of Caladesi Island
Caladesi Island State Park, Florida • August 2013

The Phoenix, World's Fastest Diesel Truck
September 26, 2013

Jon Galfano
Jon Galfano: Anytime You Want
Imperial Event Center, Medford, Oregon • August 2013

SunHawk Farms
SunHawk Farms: A Place in the Sun
Hopland, California • Summer 2013

Centennial year
The City of Rogue River's Centennial Year
A time capsule for 2012 celebrating 100 years

Waterway Recovery Lifts a Subaru from the Rogue River

Rogue River, Oregon, October 5, 2012

2012 Ratrod-O-Rama and Pin-up Contest with Don Tippit
August 25 at the Josephine County Fairgrounds, Grants Pass, Oregon

Flight Over Rogue River, Oregon
Aerial views of: Table Rock • Gold Hill • Rogue River • Wimer

Don Tippit Checks Out the Fabulous 50s Car Show
Grants Pass, Oregon, July 28, 2012

2012 Rooster Crow Car Show
Rogue River, Oregon, July 1, 2012

2012 Rooster Crow Weekend
Rogue River, Oregon, June 29-30. July 1, 2012

2012 National Rooster Crow Parade
Artistic Elements Gallery, Grants Pass, Oregon
June 29-30, 2012

Palmerton Park at Rogue River
Filmed May 7, 2012

The Oil Paintings of Judy Weiner
Filmed at Windy River Farm in Grants Pass, Oregon

Rogue River Rain
Late March 2010 rainfall helped replenish the Southern Oregon aquifer and swelled streams, creeks, and the Rogue River.

The art of Massachusetts landscape architect:

projects completed as a principal
with Stephen Stimson Associates

Out of Time by Randy Johnson
Music video first recorded in Hopland, California, 1988
Featuring Randy Johnson, Wild Bill Elliot
and Tom Freeman

The Artful Nude Exhibition
Artistic Elements Gallery, Grants Pass, Oregon
June 29-30, 2012

The Masks of Arbel Shemesh
Featured at the Oregon Country Fair

Mercy Flights Helicopter Takeoff
Rogue River, Oregon
October 8, 2011

Bob "Li'l Axle" Stewart: 1950s Hot Rods,
the Dry Lakes, and the Dago Axle

The life and times of an old school hot rodder

Bob Stewart fills up his 1950 Mercury
at Mel Taormino's Texaco

Two seasoned hot rodders share some history at Mel's restored mid-1950s style Texaco filling station


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